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Physical Education

The Physical Education department aim to develop independent, active young people by encouraging them in purposeful physical activity via engaging lessons and a wholesome extracurricular programme. We hope to develop physical competence in a range of activities and generally promote the importance of physical development. Students will experience the values and benefits of participation through key stage three, four and five, and hopefully continue this forward in to adult life. We hope students develop an appreciation of skilful, creative and cohesive performance across all areas of activity. As well as physical abilities, physical education can also contribute to the development of self esteem, confidence, inter-personal skills, commitment, fairness, enthusiasm and problem solving skills.

Please see the Physical Education handbook here.

Our philosophy:

Students will, via equality of opportunity, explore and pursue a vast range of physical activities in a 'Sport for All' approach.

  • to encourage students to 'do their best' and not to be afraid of failure
  • to provide those with special interests and abilities the opportunity to develop further
  • to promote respect for their own and others' efforts, successes and failures
  • to promote good manners, fair play, high standards of kit, self discipline and co-operation
  • to encourage an awareness of  the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle
  • to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all students

All students take part in competitive matches when representing their house in inter-house tournaments in major games activities. Further competitive school events include Sports Day, inter-house cross country and inter-house rowing.
We encourage students across all key stages to attend extracurricular clubs to further their skill acquisition and learning. Although students at these clubs form the basis for school teams, our 'sport for all' philosophy ensures that all committed and enthusiastic students are able to represent the school.

Years 7-9:

Students receive two 60 minute lessons per week (Games and PE). Students study a broad, balanced curriculum which runs in 'blocks'. PE lesson blocks run over 4 weeks and ensure all students get to experience a vast range of activities including (amongst others) basketball, badminton, volleyball, trampolining, handball, gymnastics, dance, tennis and rounders. Games lesson blocks run over longer periods of 8 weeks (on average) and these sessions will be geared towards longer term development and aspects of team play. Sports included are, amongst others, netball, rugby, football, hockey, fitness and athletics.

Years 10-11:

Students receive one 120 minute lesson per week. Lessons build on the skills developed at key stage 3 and increase students knowledge and understanding, as well as their physical ability. Students are given choice of activity at this stage and are encouraged to pick from a range of team games, individual sports and body management activities. Options include rugby, netball, gymnastics, fitness, table tennis, volleyball, circuit training, football, hockey, zumba, pop lacrosse & frisbee, softball, rounders, badminton, dance, yoga and athletics.