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Year 13 A Level

A Level Scripted 

Our Yr 13s produced a brilliant range of styles and genres in their scripted pieces this year. They all excelled with a lot of hard work and extra time given to perfecting their performances and this paid off with flawless performances on exam day. 

The Trial by Steven Berkoff

Berkoff is a practitioner that is not taken on lightly, it takes a group of dedicated and very quirky dramatists to tackle it. This year saw such a group and they did the stylised practitioner justice with their interpretation of “The Trial” (adapted from the novel by Kafka). A simplistic monochrome set and costumes meant that the physical theatre,  mastered by the group, was the main focus of the performance. Harry Lowe’s energetic and awkward K was perfectly complemented by the stock character interpretations of; a gremlin like Block, played by Molly Leefe; a quirky and childlike Lenni, played by Beth Wigham; an ancient and intimidating Huld played by Connor Craig and an eccentric and expressive Titorelli, played by Isabelle Morse. Overall the piece was a fast paced, preened to perfection and did AGS proud. 
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Attempts On Her Life by Martin Crimp

Martin Crimp’s abstract and fragmented play is not one that looks to be understood but even so it takes a very visionary group of girls to take on the text. Flo Cain, Kat Jenning’s, Sophia Musgrove and Tas Peters were such a group and the work they produced was a thought provoking theatrical masterclass. The themes that resonate through the text are ones that are very prevalent in our society today including identity and immigration and through highly skilled multi rolling the cast were able to address these in a sensitive and effective manner. The mystery of the elusive figure of Annie was beautifully played out with fast paced physical theatre interludes, symbolic lighting and stark PowerPoint imagery that enhanced the action. This piece reflected the hard work that was put in by the group over months of preparation in order to fully address the question Who is Annie??
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The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband by Debbie Isitt

This comical 1950s three hander was played out brilliant by Katie Squires, Kirsty Lucas and Adam Davies. The play tells the story of long suffering wife Hilary who is unceremoniously dumped by her husband Kenneth for the younger Laura. Katie’s portrayal of Hiliary as a more psychotic Delia Smith was well balanced by Kirsty’s seductive and aggressive Laura, the perfect team to take down Adam’s soft, simple Kenneth. The characterisation this group developed perfectly complimented the script and even had the examiner laughing which is only seen about once a millennium and is definitely worth celebrating. This group developed their timing and staging cleveerly in order to make the piece move with momentum, taking the audience on an exciting if deadly adventure. 
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Yerma by Lorca (adapted by Simon Stone)

This famously traditional Spanish pastoral script by Lorca has been given a very modern rewrite by Simon Stone. It was the ideal choice for a very modern and passionate group of Year 13s. Anna Bray played Yerma with courage and conviction showing a slow a heartbreaking descent into madness. Tom Pedley, playing Him, poignantly contrasted Yerma’s deteriorating mental state with a consistent and believable leading man. Sarah Gregory excelled in regards to multiroling with two beautifully contrasting roles, an Yerma’s unsympathetic and acid tongued mother Helen and a snappy and enthusiastic PA both honed to perfection. The piece’s dark comical undertone was particularly well delivered by Eden Stokes whose hungover Des was shockingly believable. Overall this piece’s design was simplistic but this was the perfect way to let the characterisation shine through, and the piece certainly packed a shockingly emotional punch.
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