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Year 11 GCSE

DST -  Liz Belton, Jess Clews, Kitty Evans & Nathan Miller

A brilliantly executed piece of Brechtian theatre detailing the brutal and petrifying details of the Chelmsford Hospital experiment. The cast engrossed the audience in the piece which combined the naturalistic trauma of the real life events juxtaposed with lively and colourful dream sequences exploring the patients’ minds through games shows and metatheatre. The mastering of a variety of different styles of theatre within the piece must be complimented and the poignant ending left the audience truly questioning how much you can trust the men in white coats?

Mr X - Anna Banks, Alex Cohen, Sandya Kalyan, Grace Farrow & Oscar Higgins

Mr X is a man who has risen to the top of the British Government through the power of social media. However his past is threatening to bring him down and he has made a lot of enemies who want to see him suffer. The cast played out this mind field of emotional manipulation and complex developing relationships effectively through abstract physical sequences and a poignant use of multimedia. The overall effect was an insight into the dangers of social media and the faces hiding behind it. 

Solum Mortum - Mia Parsons, Jonas Meredith, Izzie Shurvinton, Ryan Streete, Daisy Tipping & Bella Williams

This piece addressed a dark dystopia where we as a race have finally used all of the Sun’s energy and now we have to adapt in order to survive. The piece beautifully wove together three different narratives to show the impact such limited resources would have on human relationships resulting in dire consequences, none of which pulled any punches. Although the content visited some of the darkest parts of human nature it was done through detailed stagecraft and innovative physical sequences. The costume design by Daisy Tipping was very successful complimenting and enhancing the central themes of the play through subtle decoration and fabric development. 

Sector 0 - Max Aris, Theo Burt, Gideon Coleman, Will Dobson, Annie Prins, Tegan Payne

A stark commentary on the way in which we are governed, Sector 0 addressed a totalitarian government that is using their citizens as specimens in mental experiments in order to gain them more power. The design and direction of this piece showed two very different factions of a society, both of which were identified effectively through very contrasting character movement, facial and vocal expression. The rebels and government Doctors, had both been developed with complex underlying emotions which were demonstrated effectively by the cast throughout the piece and drew the audience fully into the unfolding tragedy. 

The Void - Daniel Baker, Becca Cutler, David Grimes, Will Madden Forman & Chloe Mowl

When Becca arrives in “The Void” she cannot work out what has happened to her. Her family continues to function without her but it isn’t long before she realises that she is never returning. The piece explored complex emotions through Becca and the rest of the cast who multiroled as Becca’s family and the spirit guides of “The Void” showing an effective range of characterisation skills. This piece perfectly played out a young girls desperate search for the truth behind her own disappearance and the difficulty that comes when we find out the truth and it isn’t what we want to hear. 

General Optimism - Finn Boss, Maisy Molbech-Mcphail, Amilia Mylchreest, Sakshi Rajeev, Jai Gill & Tillie Dawson

In the future our society functions everyday under the influence of bottled smiles, the Governments wonder drug! It makes everyone happy all the time and therefore everyone’s lives are better….or are they? This piece detailed the tragic love tale of two citizens who chose to stop taking their pills in the hope of finding freedom. The cast executed slick and stylish physical theatre which was the perfect style to compliment the forbidden love unfolding in an otherwise regimented society. The dark twist of rebellion at the end of the piece kept the audience enthralled until the last moment. 

The Box - Joe Biddle, Elle Footman, Sam Palmer, Pat Ross & Trinity Waldron

Palmer Industries is run by a Doctor on a mission to isolate a very specific chromosome and as a result Subject 7704 has been kept in a box all of his life, he has only known the black 4 walls of his cell, until one day he finds a note that changes his life. This piece explored a number of narratives simultaneously using a spinning central box to create various different settings including the journey 7704 took in his mind in a desperate attempt to break free. With an eclectic soundtrack that brilliantly complimented the action this piece was poetry to watch. 

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