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Year 11 GCSE

GCSE Devised Exam 2021 - THIS TEXT

Sonder - Artie Dobson, Gabbi Addis, Conor Reid, Jensen Jobins, Cam Bahlmann & James Yeates

Sonder definition - "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own" - This concept became the foundation for a brilliant clever piece of theatre exploring the lives of six seemingly random strangers as they try to exist in a society that is dissolving from all sides. Using Brechtian techniques this piece of theatre demonstrated to the audience that we could all take a little more time to consider those around us more in future.

Never Been Found - Alice Battersby, Owain Macleod, Joe Baez, Beth Adams, Gemma Biddle & Vienna Eagles

After a journalist catches sight of a mysterious figure in the background of a number of photos he begins to delve into a dark world that he never escapes from. This piece weaved through a number of narratives exploring the complexities around missing people and the dark truth that can surround their past. With complex physical sequences and well scripted monologues this was a well crafted exposition of the lives of those who disappear.

The Last Trial - Rosie Barker, Joe Ford, Holly Remier & Charlotte Farrow

Would you tell your friends your darkest secrets? When three friends are stuck in a basement and forced to in order to get out the truth is enlightening for them all. This piece explored friendship dynamics and the consequences of keeping secrets in a sensitive narrative that was peppered with physical sequences. The lighting design heightened the varying mood and atmosphere effectively taking the audience on a journey of discovery through the colourful past of the characters depicted.

Game of Sins - Lizzie Chute, Jonas Moore, Tom Neville, Amelia Doudican & Ben Leach

Are we all guilty of committing a deadly sin once in a while? In this piece the sins of an eclectic group of characters are absolved by their participation in a series of vintage game shows. This quirky and comical piece brilliantly entertained and engaged the audience with it’s clever address of sins in a modern and relatable series of narratives. The combination of naturalistic dialogue with complex physical sequences demonstrated effective performance skills all round.

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