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Support AGS

Our School Fund is a way in which all parents can play their part in ensuring the security of our school and its wonderful ethos.  We know how highly parents value the opportunities and support on offer here, and we are optimistic that with your generous support, we can continue to make these available so that your children can thrive, be happy and reach their considerable potential.

At the time of writing in November 2023, AGS recognises the challenges that so many families face with ongoing rises in the cost of living. Similarly, as a school, we are facing our own considerable financial challenges, with school budgets falling in real terms and all costs increasing at a considerable rate. The governors and leadership team are undoubtedly facing some very difficult decisions and challenges in the weeks and months ahead.

Community, however, is at the heart of AGS and therefore we would like to hope that we can approach these challenges together and in partnership. This new initiative asks all in our community to consider 'what support do you need?' and 'what support can you give?'

Please click here to view the Assist, Give and Support leaflet which contains more details of our initiative to work collectively to face these challenges together and to find out how you can both give and receive support. 

Please click here to set up a donation to AGS immediately.

Thank you for any help that you can give.