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Spanish (A Level) AQA

The AQA course is followed for A Level Spanish. This course enables students to develop confident, effective communication skills in Spanish and a thorough understanding of the culture of countries and communities where Spanish is spoken. It deepens interest in, and enthusiasm for, language learning and encourages students to consider their study of the language in a broader context. 

This specification requires students to develop their ability to write, translate and speak in Spanish with accurate grammar and syntax for a range of purposes and to understand written or spoken Spanish in a variety of contexts and genres.

Year 12 (Year 1) Topics

Aspects of Spanish-speaking society

  • Traditional and modern family values
  • Cyberspace
  • Gender equality

Artistic culture in Spanish-speaking world

  • Idols and their influence
  • The regional identity of Spain
  • Spanish and Latino American Heritage

Y13 (Year 2) Topics


  • Immigration
  • Racism
  • Integration
Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world.
  • Youth
  • Monarchy and dictatorship
  • Public demonstrations

Individual Research Project prepared for speaking examination.

Literary and film works studied:

We study one film and one literary work at A Level. These are:

  • El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth) by Guillermo del Toro (film studied in Year 12)
  • La casa de Bernarda Alba by Federico Garcia Lorca (Playwright studied in Year 13)