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    Year 7

    E-safety – how to use a computer safely

    Programming – using variables, inputs, outputs variables, selection, loops and identifying errors

    Computer Hardware – internal & external devices, input & output Devices

    Computer Software – system software, utility software & application software

    Spreadsheets – formatting, formulae & functions, sorting & filtering, making graphs.

    Website Design – designing & making websites using HTML code.

    Data Representation –Binary, denary & hexadecimals.

    Year 8

    E-safety – good e-housekeeping, internet safety, encryption & dealing with malware

    Computational Thinking – decomposition & design using flow-diagrams

    Programming – dry-run testing & trace-tables, iteration, lists, subroutines

    Spreadsheets – advanced functions, modelling data

    Databases – tables, forms, queries, relationships & reports

    Logic – logic gates & truth tables

    Data Representation - how we represent instructions, character-sets, images & sound as data.

    Year 9

    Computational Thinking – abstraction, decomposition, algorithmic thinking & identifying patterns

    Programming – string handling, file handling & exception handling

    Algorithms – search & sort algorithms

    Spreadsheets – macros & mail-merge

    Databases – SQL

    Legislation – data protection regulation, computer misuse act, copyright designs & patents & regulation of investigatory powers acts

    Computing Ethics - how emerging technology may affect the environment, people and society

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