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A level History:  Pearson Edexcel (Route H)

This is a varied history course which covers some of the most important events and developments of the twentieth century, as well as encouraging breadth of historical knowledge through the study of sixteenth century Tudor history.  The course helps to develop skills of questioning and critical analysis.  Wider reading is vital and there is an opportunity for independent research as part of the coursework unit.

Year 12

Paper One: 30% of the A level qualification

Breadth Study with Interpretations: Britain Transformed, 1918-97

This British History unit covers some of the main political, social, economic and cultural changes of the twentieth century.  It includes British governments’ responses to the challenges of war, fluctuations in the economy, technological advancement and the desire for greater social equality.

The unit also includes a depth study based on historical interpretations of Margaret Thatcher’s government, including the effect of Thatcherism on economic and political developments as well as considering the extent of social division within Britain.

This unit is assessed through essays and evaluation of historical interpretations.

Paper Two: 20% of the A level qualification

Depth Study: The USA, 1955-92: Conformity and Challenge

This unit is a depth study of America post-World War Two, covering post war affluence, racial and political protests of the 1960s and the rise of conservatism in the 1980s.  It includes the study of a range of political, social and cultural changes which helped shape modern America.

This unit is assessed through source evaluation and essays.

Year 13

Paper Three: 30% of the A level qualification

Themes in Breadth with Aspects in Depth: Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudors, 1485-1603

This unit explores how the Tudor state responded to social and political unrest and considers the legacy of the Wars of the Roses, the impact of the Reformation, social and economic change and the impact of Tudor rule in Ireland.  It combines an overview of the personalities and rule of all of the Tudor monarchs with a study of the motivation and perspective of those who set themselves against the state.

This unit is assessed through source evaluation and essays.

Coursework: 20% of the A level qualification

This is an independently researched enquiry based around the historical question of how far Hitler and the Nazi state planned the Final Solution in advance.  It involves the selection and critique of a range of historians’ interpretations of this question.  The completed essay will be between 3-4,000 words in length.