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Enrichment opportunities in Sixth Form include:


The Extended Project Qualification is a super curricular qualification worth half an A level available to year 12 in the summer term. Students undertake a research project that is not based on any of their other A level specification content. We do the AQA version. It is taught in two different forms. Each student has one to one meetings with their supervisor, as well as a sequence of 30 – 45 minute lessons taught by the EPQ Centre Coordinator. The EPQ 'season' for the students runs from May half term through to Christmas.

The supply of EPQ places is limited by the number of staff willing to become supervisors - it is in addition to their normal timetable - and normally ends up being approximately 50. This means that there has to be a fair, transparent and rigorous 'rationing' process to allocate places to the most appropriate students. Students are offered places based on staff recommendation in their 4 subjects which, in turn, is based on evidence of their independence, ability to complete work on time, academic focus etc - all skills vital for the EPQ which is itself a qualification that requires considerable drive, motivation and independent study.

There is a cost (to cover the added tuition and exam fees). For 2023 that is £225.

For more details about the course read here.


Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL), is an optional qualification available to students at the end of Year 12.

AGS run the course in association with UK-TEFL. Students are offered the opportunity to attend the 2 day course which takes place in June each year.