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Design Technology

Two year A Level course

Exam board: WJEC Eduqas  - Product Design.

The A level Product Design specification encourage students to:

  1. Make use of tacit knowledge and reflective practices in order to work with tasks that are challenging and often require definition;

  2. Develop and sustain their creativity and innovative practice using an iterative process;

  3. Recognise and overcome challenges and constraints when working towards the production of high-quality products;

  4. Develop a critical understanding of the influences of the processes and products of design and technological activities from a contemporary and historical perspective;

  5. Draw on a range of skills and knowledge from other subject areas;

  6. Draw on and apply knowledge, understanding and skills of production processes to a range of design and technology activities;

  7. Develop an understanding of contemporary design and technology practices;

  8. Use digital technologies and information-handling skills to enhance their design and technological capability;

  9. Recognise the values inherent in design and technological activities and develop critical evaluation skills in technical, aesthetic, ethical, economic, environmental, sustainable, social, cultural and entrepreneurial contexts.

Component 1: Written Paper (one only)

50% of total marks. 3 hours. 100 marks

The examination includes a mix of structured and extended writing questions assessing learners' knowledge and understanding of technical principles and designing and making principles

Along with their ability to analyse and evaluate wider issues in design and technology.

Component 2: Design and Making Practice

50% of total marks. Approx. 80 hours. 100 marks

Consists of a single design and make activity where the student research and identify their own contexts.  Students are assessed on their ability to identify, investigate and outline design possibilities, design and make prototypes and analyse and evaluate design decisions and outcomes. This will include the manufacture of a final model or prototype.

We provide exam and NEA coursework support, copies of revision sessions, typical exam questions and answers, exemplar coursework, exam board guidance on controlled assessment and marking structures.