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Careers and Year 12 Parents’ Information Evening

Careers and Y12 Parents' Information Evening - 27th February 2019

Please click here to view the presentation from this event.

  • Careers Evening: 5:30-8:00pm
  • Parents’ Information Evening talk: 6:00pm and repeated at 6:45pm
  • AIM HIGH for Higher Education talk: preparing for application to courses offered by Oxbridge, Russell Group universities, Medical and Vet Schools: 5:45pm and repeated at 6:16pm.

This event offers students and parents the opportunity to meet and talk to representatives from a variety of careers and universities. Representatives are able to offer students an insight into either their particular profession and/or into the specific company that they are affiliated to.

This event is compulsory for all year 12 students but is also open to year 11 (current AGS students and those from other schools who are attending the subject sampling evening) and year 13 students.  

The evening includes year 12 Information Evening in the Theatre which all year 12 students and parents need to attend to find out vital information about aspects such as exam result processes and university applications and finance. This information talk will be held twice during the evening on a first come, first serve ticket basis.

An optional ‘Aim High’ talk is also provided on the evening to give information about the nature, availability, and requirements of those courses which require the highest A Level grades (A* and As), and how best to prepare for application. If this is a realistic aim for students, we strongly encourage them to consider these courses.