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    Grease is the word!

    Grease is the word!

    Rarely does the phrase ‘Grease is the word’ represent anything more than a catchy lyric in one of the most well-known and well-loved musicals of the 20th and 21st centuries, but this week at Alcester Grammar School it is an accurate description of what has been at the centre of conversations between students, staff and parents. From Sunday 16th to Tuesday 18th November, 36 singers, dancers and actors performed this popular musical to sell out audiences, accompanied by a fantastic band of 9 musicians. The band was expertly led by the very talented and dedicated Ed Gough, and supported by our new Head of Music, Dubheasa Bray. Their talents helped to create the celebratory and invigorating mood of the production, and enabled the performers to deliver assured and dynamic performances.

    Our lead cast members superbly captured the classic and much loved characteristics of Sandy, Danny, the Pink Ladies and the Burger Palace Boys (more popularly known as the T-birds), and yet were able to put their own stamp on the characters and bring unique interpretations to the roles. Particular highlights were Kenickie’s (played by Tom Tristram) passionate and energetic rendition of Greased Lightning, Rachael Baines’ intensely emotional ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’ as Rizzo, Tom Heaselgrave’s heartfelt delivery of ‘Sandy’ as Danny pines after her at the Drive-in movie, and of course Sandy’s (played by Natalie O’Neill) show-stopping performance of ‘Hopelessly Devoted’, which made for a perfect finish to the first Act. These characters were wonderfully complemented by the Pink Ladies and T-birds, who thrilled audiences with numbers such as ‘Freddie My Love’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Queen’ and the adorable ‘Mooning’ performed charismatically by Josh Ellis and Zoe Deuchar.

    Of course, the show would not be complete, nor as successful, without the talents, hard work and collaboration of the rest of the cast, who gave 100% in their portrayals of Greasers,  American Girls, Rydell Geeks and the ever imposing presence of Miss Lynch, played by Anna Tarver. Much of the choreography for the ensemble numbers such as We Go Together and Born To Hand Jive, was in fact created by one of the cast members, Vivi Bayliss, who also played DJ Vince Fontaine.

    It was such a joy for me, Mr Dereza and Miss Bray to direct and support such an incredible cast. We had a lot of fun along the way and we’re so proud of every single cast and crew member who made this show possible. Thanks also to you who came to watch the show- your support is invaluable and we hope the show gave you as much enjoyment as it did us. Now let’s look forward  to the next musical we tackle!

    Mrs Spencer

    Drama Department

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