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Year 12 A Level

Year 12 – A Level – Devised Exam

Whitehawk - Jess Clews, Jake McCarthy, James Moore & Trinity Waldron

There is no injustice greater than when a child is taken from their parents and in this performance our A Level students tackled this incredibly sensitive topic. A verbatim piece of theatre, the plot focuses on the Whitehawk cases of the 1990s capturing this period beautifully through it’s haunting soundtrack and beautiful varied physical movement. Based on Bryony Lavery’s play Frozen students explored the case from 4 very varied and poignant narratives with their characters developed with depth and sensitivity creating an intriguing and at times unnerving piece of theatre. 

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Oedipus - Finn Bos, Maisey Leake, Isabelle Neil, Pat Ross

A modern reworking of Sophocles’ Greek tragedy was quite a feat to undertake, however this production catapulted the original into the 1980s with an innovative and exciting reworking of the classic tale of a man who kills his father and marries his mother. Transformed to Wall Street, Oedipus and his father Lauis’, narratives were interwoven in order to cleverly build the mystery and tension with comical melodramatic interludes which demonstrated the group’s range and stylistic competency. 

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What if your tragic fate was inevitable & unavoidable? Sarah is the victim of her society and resides in an asylum but all is not what it seems, there are a number of different environments that seem to have created her condition. This complex piece of theatre that explores a number of different fictional environments explores how human minds can be destroyed by the simple structures of our society today such as surveillance and anxiety. This abstract piece complimented their chosen Practitioner Frantic Assembly’s style creating an ethereal and haunting atmosphere for the audience. 

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Would you choose your words more wisely if you were limited to how many you had each day? In a world ruled by the manipulative and cunning Wordsmith, this is the case. Aven and her husband Cain are desperate for more words but at what cost. Wordsmith is all powerful but will his past come back to haunt him? This bold dystopian narrative used Shakesperian characters to explore complex relationships and the ever present question of what people will do for power. The piece combined a number of styles with clear influences from practitioners such as Artaud and Brecht as well as the fluid physicality of Frantic Assembly to create a captivating piece of theatre.

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Who Wants To Live Forever?

Over the past year we have all had challenges to face but are we quick to forget those who went before us who had to face similar circumstances and are we able to learn from the pandemics of the past in order to help those who may suffer in the future? This is the topical question addressed by this performance which explored 3 timelines through the eyes of families suffering with pandemics: the Tudors, the 1980s AIDS crisis and a future pandemic. The narratives addressed were also linked through the central theme of love showing it as a force for good in a time when all else seems lost. 

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Sins (No Filter)

Social Media dominates the majority of young people’s lives and this piece addressed this head on exploring the darker developments that can come of using some of the most popular social media forums. All of the four protagonists in this performance are experiencing a life that is dominated by their phones, but the effect of this is detrimental to them all. Addressing issues that at times we are willing to turn a blind eye to, this performance cuts to the core of how people can be emotionally affected but social media, with a brilliant modern soundtrack and stunning use of ambient lighting this performance captures a snapshot of our society and the effect it has on people.  

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