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Applications Process Entry 2022

In order to apply for Sixth Form for September 2022:

Stage 1 

Attend Open Evening on Thursday 25th November 2021. 

If you  were unable to attend this event then you can still attend the Subject Sampling Evening. Please fill in the application form below (Stage 2) to attend this event.

Stage 2

Subject Sampling Evening- Application

Subject Sampling Evening is a required stage in our application process for Sixth Form.

Students, you should choose between 5 and 7 subjects that you are considering taking in Sixth Form to trial at this event, including those you may be taking at GCSE, to fully appreciate the step-up in work that is required to achieve your intended A level grades. Please note this IS NOT your formal application to Sixth Form - this comes later. 

Stage 3

Subject Sampling Evening - Attendance on 27th January 2022

During the evening students will  'sample' 7 subject lessons. Attendance at this event forms an essential part of the Admissions Process.

Stage 4

Final Application - Completion of the Admission Form

To ensure that you apply for the right subjects, please check our GCSE entry requirements for each subject which can be found here.

To apply for your Sixth Form place you must have completed the Year 12 Admissions Form for entry in September 2022 before 4pm on 28th February 2022.  Applications received after this date will be classed as 'late'. 

Additional Tasks: Applicants for Computer Science, Photography and Drama & Theatre - all have a prerequisite task that must be completed also by 4pm on 28th February 2022.   

Stage 5

Attend an informal interview during March/April 2022.

Stage 6

The Pre-Admissions Presentation for Students and Parents on 29th June 2022.

Stage 7

Register on GCSE results Day, Thursday 25th August – before 12 noon.