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    Year 13 A Level

    Year 13 A Level

    Year 13 – A Level - Scripted Exam

    The culmination of the A Level Drama & Theatre Studies course is their moderated scripted exam. This year the three groups piece produced showed pupils extensive knowledge of playwrights and practitioner techniques. They were truly pieces that demonstrated the high calibre of our 2018 graduates and made us as a department exceptionally proud.

    People, Places & Things By Duncan Macmillan

    Performed by Rebecca Greaves, Millie Henderson-Purvis, Jennifer Mills, Lauren Osborne & Sophie Price

    Macmillan’s script explores the confusingly disjointed world of Sarah a drug addict as she tries to narrate her way through the rehabilitation process. Based in an enclosed all white box world, the set for this piece provided the perfect blank slate to demonstrate the key protagonist’s reluctant attempt at detoxification. Millie Henderson-Purvis played Sarah brilliantly full of nervous energy and angst. The rest of the cast multi roled showing a range of characters well with Sophie Price’s mad ramblings as addict Paul contrasted brilliantly with the calm and calculated demeanour of Lauren Osborne’s Therapist figure. Rebecca Greaves’ street wise addict T provided a light comedy to therapy whilst Jen Jen Mills’ matter of fact Doctor figure was an effective foil to Sarah. Clean and creative ensemble work, inspired by the work of Headlong Theatre Company, was accompanied by the eclectic tones of Radiohead’s “The Bends” album. Overall the impact was engaging and thought provoking.

    Death of A Salesman

    Performed by George Bicknell, George Bray, Ellie Butcher & Toby Newton

    Arthur Miller’s classically inspired tragic tale of Willy Loman, an aged & overworked salesman was brought to life handsomely by this group. George Bray and George Bicknell as Willy and Biff Loman channelled a phenomenal amount of energy and emotion into the disintegrating relationship between a father and son. Ellie Butcher showed exceptional range portraying both traditional housewife Linda Loman and Willy’s seductive and shallow mistress. Toby Newton’s softly spoken Happy Loman was developed beautifully with his contrasting character, brash businessman Howard, giving him an opportunity to demonstrate his understanding of effective character development. The pieces’ soundtrack, developed creatively by George Bicknell and the developing lighting moods gave the piece a cinematic feel and made it a pleasure to be absorbed in.

    Love & Information

    Performed by Ben Evans, Florence Minchella, Freya Liddell, Sarah O’Shea & Caitlin Taylor

    Caryl Churchill’s abstract collection of numerous individual scenes was developed with cohesion and unique creative vision by this group. Every member of the ensemble was required to vary character at least 10 times a phenomenal feat to undertake in front of an examiner. This demonstrated brilliant range by each of the candidates with varying emotions and moods explored at an exceptional pace. To try and note all the unique moments would take a whole newsletter in itself but some personal favourites were Sarah O’Shea’s determined dancing, the childlike brilliance of Freya Liddell in “Stone”, Ben Evan’s comical interpretation of Father Christmas which was only matched in brilliance by Florence Minchella’s excited child meeting him for the first time & Caitlin Taylor’s indignant wife in “Grass” were all nuggets of theatrical flair and fun. The set itself was also aesthetically pleasing with colour coded props that were utilised continually strewn everywhere and projections of scene titles, video clips and images enhancing the action. Altogether the piece was not only fun and entertaining but slick and well-choreographed it was rumoured that even the examiner cracked a smile and that my theatre friends is an achievement!