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    Year 11 GCSE

    Year 11 GCSE

    GCSE Devised

    After entering an experimentation room that provided them with a range of eclectic stimuli this year’s Year 11s created some highly original and advanced practical pieces for their GCSE course.

    The Chiron Experiment

    Mercy wakes up in a dimly lit room with nothing but a red phone and 5 other lifeless figures. As days turn to weeks she begins to slowly go insane until the other figures begin regaining consciousness and together they start unpicking their journeys to this fate. This GCSE pieces was a fast moving and insightful piece of theatre looking at different personality types and how they interact with each other. The piece was enhanced with some beautifully intricate physical sequences inspired by the work of Frantic Assembly and this aided the immersion of the audience into this world or mystery that was cleverly and subtly revealed.

    The Sinclair Project

    Should we ever sign on the dotted line? This piece explored the fine line that can exist between medical research and medical manipulation. Four figures lie comatose in a hospital facility with Dr Sinclair and his assistant focusing on their recovery. However rapidly we realise that these figures are continually hurtled into the world of sensory recall on the brink of consciousness before being once again sedated, a continual tug of war for survival. The piece was a visually intricate performance, using the practitioner Complicite as inspiration the group cleverly combed video, music and physical movement to develop a number of interesting narratives in a fast paced and innovative piece of theatre.