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    Aim Higher for Higher Education

    Aim Higher for Higher Education

    The most competitive courses in Higher Education make extra demands on their applicants. Oxford and Cambridge Universities, medical and veterinary courses, and some courses in architecture and the creative arts, all ask to interview their applicants, and this is only the last stage in a process that requires developing an outstanding UCAS application - a process which needs to begin well before Year 13.

    Alcester Grammar School runs a bespoke series of events and activities for students in Year 10 and upwards to inform them of what they need to do to put themselves in the best possible position to make an application to these courses, as well as help them prepare themselves intellectually. There are also a number of events at which parents can inform themselves of these requirements. These will:
    • make students in Years 10, 11 and 12 aware of the nature, availability and requirements of HE courses offered by Oxbridge, Russell Group, Medical and Vet Schools,
    • develop focus and high performance at GCSE,  AS and A Level,

    • explain criteria in choosing AS levels to maximise HE opportunities

    In addition, Year 11 students have the opportunity to meet an Oxford University admissions tutor and visit an Oxford College. Year 12 students can attend an in-school seminar series designed specifically to develop the skills required for negotiating university interviews, as well as have the opportunity to attend Cambridge University masterclass events and visit an Oxbridge College. Year 13 students receive personalised help with preparing for pre-application tests and interviews.
    For details of the 'Aim High' after school programme, please click here.
    Click here for a presentation which gives you the key information about what kinds of courses Aim High can prepare you for, and what you need to do if you’re interested in applying for them.